Top Ten Most Beautiful Nature Spots In Austria You Will Never Visit

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Be honest, not all of us born rich or have decent work. So, traveling around the world is kinda impossible. Don’t worry, I found these top ten most beautiful nature sport in Austria from this site. You might download them and set them as wallpaper.

 “Zey call it O-s-t-e-r-r-e-i-c-h!” –  Bertrand R. Brinley

Austria tourism has been full of breathtaking nature. Snow covered mountains, mysterious fairy forest (really?), and lakes will bring you to next level of excitement. Enjoy…

1. Hintersee

Hintersee from

2. Vilsalpsee

Vilsalpsee from

3. Kaunergrat Tyrol

Kaunergrat Tyrol
Kaunergrat Tyrol from

4. Lake Schlegeis

Lake Schlegeis
Lake Schlegeis from

5. Gosausee Lake

Gosausee Lake
Gosausee Lake from

6. Reutte, Tyrol

Reutte, Tyrol
Reutte, Tyrol from

7. Speicher Durlassboden

Speicher Durlassboden
Speicher Durlassboden from

8. Amphitheater, Tyrol

Ampitheater, Tyrol
Amphitheater, Tyrol from

9. Schlegeis reservoir

Schlegeis reservoir
Schlegeis reservoir from

10. Hallstatt

Hallstatt from

That’s All!

Thanks for stopping by, if you interested in traveling to one of these places above, you can contact Austria Tourism. Ironically, their contact page looks like this:

Austria Tourism's contact page
Austria Tourism’s contact page error. Why?

Someone, please tell them!