How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently / Temporarily

Instagram is an extraordinary phenomenon that ever happened. I used to use it for a few hours a day! I feel empty. Once thought, it looks like Instagram is time-consuming. Therefore, some time ago I temporarily stopped my Instagram account. I did not delete it permanently because I want to save its username. hehehe If […]

How to Take A Screenshot on Any Computer or Smartphone

How to take a screenshot. Many things are actually very easy to do, but most people do not know. Have you ever done a screenshot? Some devices have screenshot mechanisms that are different from each other, but some are the same. Here is a quick list how to screenshot:

What are the best one-minute life hacks that work?

One minute is a short time. But not for cool people. Here’s a list of the best one-minute life-hacks I’ve chosen from various websites and my own experience! 1. Talk to yourself when you get into trouble Bassam Atheeque said that one of the best one-minute life hacks he learned from reading one of Dale […]